Thursday, January 28, 2010

Telomeres, aging and exercise

An interesting bit of research has been picked up by the press.  Telomere length has been reported to be longer in older endurance athletes than in older couch potatos  Telomeres are thought to be important in aging.  You can find the abstract and access the full text through:   This is hopefully good news for older endurance athletes and an encouragement to others to get moving.   (It is also possible that people with more resistant telomeres are the ones able to continue intense exercise into middle age and that the exercise did not change the nature of the telomeres.)  But interesting . . . Take a look at table 1.  There are a number of other variables aside from telomere length that you'd think would have been statistically significant but weren't.  More research? 

Congratulations to authors Larocca, Seals and Pierce.  And thank you for publishing this, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development (journal). 

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